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Three Simple Tricks to Be Fearless

Sometimes we think of being fearless as something we need to channel when we’re doing something BIG. That just isn’t the case. Being fearless is something that can be useful in all kinds of everyday situations.

Whether it’s a big presentation, a difficult conversation, or an impending visit from someone you know tends to push your buttons, the opportunity to be fearless presents itself all the time.

Most recently, the opportunity for me to be fearless presented itself with a keynote speech I was scheduled to give in Washington, D.C.

I’m not going to lie. I was nervous and excited. I really wanted to make sure I brought my A game, which means being my most outgoing, confident and enthusiastic self. But I was fighting my nerves.

No matter how many times I do speaking engagements, there’s always that little voice in the back of my head saying I better not blow this opportunity because it’s a really big deal. These are important people and I certainly don’t want to embarrass myself.

Try as I might, it can be really hard to stem the negativity that swirls around my head sometimes. It’s not always there, but as the date of a big speech approaches, those little voices tend to get louder and louder.

In order to try and curb the tailspin that will likely occur if I let those negative thoughts get out of control, I decided the best thing to do was come up with some strategies to keep myself feeling confident and ready.

Check this out:

Here are my three simple tricks for being fearless.

#1. Think About a Time When You Were Fearless

Going back through your childhood memories is one of the easiest ways to find a time in your life when you were fearless. Because let’s face it, when we’re children, we don’t have all the negativity and baggage that we carry as adults.

Children have this magical way of being confident and just doing and saying what they think. They don’t worry about people’s reactions, they just do it.

Think about a time you were fearless, and how totally FREE you felt at the time.

I recently went back through some old pictures and found one of myself when I was three, sitting on the beach. I then took that photo, and used photoshop to add a little cape and crown on myself and made myself into my own superhero.

Not only was that a fun little project, but it reminded me of how it felt in my body when I had that confidence and how simple everything seemed.

If you can’t think of an example from childhood, reflecting back on a time when you nailed a presentation or totally rocked a job interview will work too.

The idea here is to find that moment of fearlessness and really revel in those feelings so you can channel that energy and put it to good use in the present.

#2. Make a Motivational Playlist

Do you have a theme song? If not, you should!

This was actually something my coach suggested to me. I spent some time going through and finding songs that really speak to me – songs that make me feel powerful and motivated.

I put all these songs together in a playlist and every day for the week leading up to my presentation, I put that playlist on. I blasted the music, danced around my office and focused on positive thoughts.

While I was doing this, I’d think about my presentation. Not the specifics of what I was going to say, but how I’m going to show up and wow everyone.

I’ll tell you right now…this was FUN. (And I even got some exercise which is a bonus!)

Find your anthems and use them to get inspired and feel empowered.

#3. Do Your Preparation NOW

Of course, you have to prepare, but it’s so easy to procrastinate. Let me tell you…that will do NOTHING to ease your anxiety.

You need to be ready. With questions, answers, speaking points or whatever else will leave you ready and confident to tackle whatever you’re about to do. Envision how you want things to go.

Reflect on past experiences that are similar. Let’s say you’re going into a family situation that you know is going to be high tension. Think back on how things went in the past and prepare yourself for how you want to deal with whatever may be said or done by other people.

It’s not about having a script. It’s about going through the process and feeling like you’ve prepared the best you can and giving yourself permission to let go of the stress.

The bottom line is, YOU CAN DO THIS.

Tap into that inner superhero, pick a theme song and get yourself ready.

You have everything you need to be fearless.



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