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Difficult conversations are called “difficult” for a reason. The truth is we all have to have difficult conversations from giving negative feedback, to delivering bad news, to saying no. Difficult conversations are a reality of business and life. Whether you freeze in the moment or don’t know how to keep the conversation on track, Diane has all the tools and strategies you need to make your difficult conversations less stressful and more productive.

Diane A. Ross, author of The Elephant in the Office: Super-Simple Strategies for Difficult Conversations at Work, and a semi-finalist for North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Competition hosted by eWomen Network,teaches professionals how to tackle conflict fearlessly.


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Keynote Speaking Topics

Diane has developed four more key talks that support organizations to develop stronger and more effective teams:

Difficult Conversations 101: How to be Honest Without Being Abrasive

Learn the tools you need to say what you need to say without sarcasm, blame and judgment seeing in and taking over the conversation.

How to Say No without Feeling Guilty

Finally, uncover the simple secrets to setting a firm but respectful and emphatic “No” that both allows you to hold your ground and walk away from the conversation confident and guilt free

Speaking with Confidence Even if You Feel Nervous!

Learn the simple tools and tricks (some are even fun!) to step-up in the face of nervousness, so you can say what you want to say and get what you need from difficult conversations.

Interrupt the Instinct

The secret to successfully dealing with difficult communications at work and at home is to do the opposite of what your instincts tell you to do. Are you ready to shift your perspective and get the courage you need to face the fire with grace? Are you ready to have people finally listen to you?

If you are interested in having Diane speak at your next event, click here to book a call with Diane.

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Diane is an excellent coach about difficult conversations in the workplace. She has a passion for the subject material, does her homework to make the content relevant and she delivers her workshops with warmth, humour and intelligence.

Debbie McPhalen, Manager Human Resources, Timberwest Forest Corp.

Speaking Samples

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Below are some of the organizations she has spoken for:

To discuss training opportunities for your organization, click here to book a call with Diane.

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Keynote Accolades

Diane spoke at our annual dinner for the BC Paralegal Association, with 160 members in attendance. She was extremely energetic, enthusiastic, funny, engaging, informative and very interesting. Overall, we were thrilled to have Diane present for our group – enough that we have invited her back and look forward to having her at future events.

Rose Singh, Vice President & Events Chair, BCPA

Diane Ross is one of the most effective speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. Her first presentation “Tips & Tricks for Succeeding at Challenging Conversations” generated such great interest that our association had one of the largest turnouts ever for an educational event. The feedback was so positive that we asked Diane to return…

Jane Kennedy, BCLMA Membership Services

One of the most useful and pertinent workshop I’ve ever attended. Diane is a great facilitator, humourous, concise, lots of personal anecdotes. She involved everyone in the practices and provided excellent material to take home. NIEFS would have no hesitation in having Diane return for future training.

Bonny Ross, Service Coordinator and Team Leader, NIEFS

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Welcome to the Elephant Conversations Club. This is the official club for fearless communicators like you who are ready to speak up, be heard and take your confidence to new heights.

Hi, I'm Diane, reformed courtroom lawyer, mediator and difficult conversations expert and I am here to guide you as you tap into your communication brilliance!

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