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Does your team seem to spend more time gossiping and complaining than actually getting things done?

Are unresolved conflicts eroding trust, teamwork, and productivity in your organization?

Has a difficult conversation gone wrong resulted in too many hurt feelings and a strained atmosphere in the office?

Get your hands on Diane’s Fearless Conversations Formula in her signature workshops designed to give participants simple, effective tools they can put into practice right away to dramatically transform the outcomes of their difficult conversations. 

Imagine what would be possible for your organization if your team members could promptly and confidently say what they needed to say, in a way that creates true leaders, improves morale, strengthens teams, and increases your bottom line.

The Fearless Conversations Formula gives your team the tools needed to create the kind of workplace culture that results in productivity, profitability, and forward momentum.

Diane’s Credentials

Diane A Ross, author of The Elephant in the Office: Super-Simple Strategies for Difficult Conversations at Work, teaches professionals how to tackle conflict fearlessly. After 14 years of litigation experience and many courtroom “wins”, Diane set out on a 10+ year path to uncover the secrets of effective communication in times of conflict. Like all good lawyers, she devoured the research, trained in Advanced Negotiation and Meditation at Harvard Law School and became a Certified Executive Coach. In 2012, Diane founded Elephant Conversations in order to share her EASY SYSTEM for tackling difficult conversations.

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Welcome to the Elephant Conversations Club. This is the official club for fearless communicators like you who are ready to speak up, be heard and take your confidence to new heights.

Hi, I'm Diane, reformed courtroom lawyer, mediator and difficult conversations expert and I am here to guide you as you tap into your communication brilliance!

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