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The Elephant in the Office:

Super-Simple Strategies for Difficult Conversations at Work

Did you ever wish you had the tools and skills so that you could stop putting off those conversations at work that you dread the most? It’s tough to tell someone they have BO, ask for a raise or talk about someone’s disrespectful behavior. Diane will share with you simple strategies and tools so you can say what you need to say and manage your most important conversations to improve your relationships, lower your stress and get what you want.

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Top 10 Tips for Dealing With the Difficult Conversation Jitters

Part of the Elephant Conversations Series

Nobody likes having difficult conversations; they call them “difficult” for a reason! Grab this free ebook to learn our top secrets to tackling the difficult conversation jitters so that you can go in with confidence and actually secure the outcome you desire.

These 10 simple ideas are easy to implement and can help transform the way you look at and approach difficult conversations forever. Don’t miss it!

This mini-book is yours, for free! Enjoy!

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Welcome to the Elephant Conversations Club. This is the official club for fearless communicators like you who are ready to speak up, be heard and take your confidence to new heights.

Hi, I'm Diane, reformed courtroom lawyer, mediator and difficult conversations expert and I am here to guide you as you tap into your communication brilliance!

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