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How To Free Yourself from Other People’s Expectations

Why is it that we let other people determine how we feel about choices we’ve made in our own lives? Why do we give all of our power away? We’ve all done these things at some point or another, so wouldn’t it be great if we could stop? Check this out: I started thinking about […]

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How To Deal with Feedback That Makes You Twinge

Every so often we find ourselves getting feedback from someone that leaves us feeling not-so-great. Whether it’s a co-worker or a family member, being told something we may not agree with, or be ready to hear, can cause us to have an emotional reaction. So what if you had a way to deal with those […]

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Three Simple Tricks to Be Fearless

Sometimes we think of being fearless as something we need to channel when we’re doing something BIG. That just isn’t the case. Being fearless is something that can be useful in all kinds of everyday situations. Whether it’s a big presentation, a difficult conversation, or an impending visit from someone you know tends to push […]

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Simple Hacks for Gratitude

I want to talk to you about gratitude and appreciation, and having a practice in place for this. Now, before you think “Nope, I don’t have time for one more thing on my to-do list”, hear me out. What I have in mind is something that won’t take up any of your extra time. Like […]

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Forgiveness with a Twist

If you’ve ever read anything about the concept of forgiveness, you’ve probably heard that forgiveness is actually good for you. While that sounds awesome in theory, in practice forgiving someone can be a really tough thing to do. When you feel someone has wronged you, it’s normal to think that they don’t deserve your forgiveness. […]

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It’s Time to Ditch Your Powerless Language

We all know that the words we choose have the power to both enhance and detract from the messages we convey. Using language to make yourself more persuasive, confident and powerful is a beautiful thing. But what about those words we use, often without even realizing it, that muddle up our message and take away […]

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Three Tips to Alleviate Stress Before a Difficult Conversation

By nature, a “difficult” conversation is probably going to be stressful. If there’s conflict involved, stress is sure to follow. No matter how skilled you may be at difficult conversations, our adrenaline gets going, we start having feelings of fight or flight, our palms start to sweat and you feel nervous. That stress response is […]

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What To Do When Someone is Being Rude

Rude people are simply a part of life, and I think we can all agree with dealing with them isn’t easy. Here’s the good news though – you have what it takes to handle them. You really do! Most of dealing with conflict effectively comes down to fighting our instincts and dealing with rude people […]

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How to Deal with Passive Aggressive People

The term “passive aggressive” can bring up many ideas about what it really means. There are plenty of books written about it and we’ve all seen the term used about different people. The thing about labels is that they can be a slippery slope. Whether it’s “passive aggressive”, “rude” or just plain old “difficult”, labels […]

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