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10 Tips for Making Difficult Conversations Less Stressful (and More Productive!)

Difficult conversations can be stressful. There’s never really a “good” time to have them and there’s not really anyone who enjoys having to be a part of one. The reality is that difficult conversations are unavoidable. It would be great if everything was picture perfect with everyone getting along and skipping off in the sunset […]

June 13
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Difficult Conversations At Work: Saying No

While difficult conversations are hard no matter the venue, there’s something about difficult conversations in the workplace that are extra touchy. Whether it’s your boss or a colleague, having to speak up when things are hard can be downright awkward. We all want to excel at what we do, and in a work situation, it’s […]

May 30 NEW
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Why Saying It’s Not Personal, Makes it Personal

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where the phrase “it’s not personal” was uttered. And, like me, you probably felt pretty awful when it was said to you. This little phrase tends to come up when we’re facing a disappointment, like not getting the promotion we wanted or a […]

May 16 BLOG
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Two Things NOT To Do In a Difficult Conversation

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a difficult conversation with someone who’s sharing something emotional and we open up our mouths and stick our foot right in. Without even meaning to, we’ve said the absolute wrong thing. As people, we tend to be “fixers”. In the midst of a difficult or awkward […]

May 2 Diane
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No is a Complete Sentence

Over the years while I have been holding workshops and doing speaking engagements, there have been certain questions that come up pretty frequently. One of the questions that get asked over and over is “How do I say no?”. We’ve all heard the expression “no is complete sentence” but it’s one of those simple concepts […]

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How To Use Silence as Your Secret Weapon

Silence. On the one hand, we all have moments in our lives where we crave it. But sometimes, silence can feel downright awkward. When it comes to difficult conversations, silence can be incredibly uncomfortable. Our instinct is to try and fill that void and ease the tension. But the thing is, silence can be a […]

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Your Tone Matters: Strategies for Communicating with Kindness

I had an interesting conversation this weekend  with a very insightful woman who works with a boss she loves, but who sometimes has a “tone’” in his feedback that can be off-putting. We started talking about management styles and the thing that causes most feedback to backfire is when managers deliver it with a tone […]

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Alternatives to Phrases that Undermine Trust

When I teach workshops I will start a list or a whiteboard with expressions that we so often utter (me included) that have the effect of undermining trust and the relationship. The truth is that so many times we speak before we think and things literally are said before we know what we’re saying. Or […]

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My Fear of Winter Driving & Ideas for Overcoming Your Fear

One of my favourite quotes of all time is this one about fear by Zig Ziglar… FEAR = False Events Appearing Real We let fear get in the way of allowing us to step into our full potential and to live the rich full lives we all want to live. Usually, we want to conquer […]

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